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Thalasso histoire


Débuter votre voyage dans le monde de Deep Nature, s’immerger dans le Spa, éveiller les sens, goûter au plaisir doux du massage.

What is spa access?

It is An Olympic swimming pool and a playful pool (both with sea water), A hammam, a sauna, a rest room, a solarium, A gym and cardio training.


1 sauna with room for 14

The sauna at Thalasso de Deauville by Algotherm is located outdoors. The sauna is deeply restorative and fosters profound tranquillity. profound tranquillity.

Sauna benefits

Spending time in the sauna affords an opportunity to unwind, promote stress release and chase away the tension of your busy days. It produces a truly relaxing effect. It melts away fatigue and weariness, replacing them with joy and energy.

The high temperature (dry heat between 80° and 100° C and humidity between 3% and 20%) causes significant perspiration and helps eliminate toxins, clean the skin, relax muscles and soothe aches and osteoarthritis.

Thalasso sauna

Steam room

Steam room: a tradition from the East

The steam room creates a steam bath at 50° C and 100% humidity. The steam room produces a soothing mist of hot steam. It envelops you and instils a calm peace of mind.

Steam room benefits

The steam room at Thalasso de Deauville by Algotherm is a haven of relaxation and well-being.
Lauded for its positive effects on the body, the steam room helps open skin pores, eliminate toxins, open up the airways, soothe muscle pain and ease breathing.
Enjoy the steam room at Thalasso de Deauville by Algotherm and take a break from the everyday.

Thalasso hammam


The crowning feature at Thalasso de Deauville by Algotherm is the vast patio that is home to the sunroom , which offers a lovely view of the city of Deauville. The sunroom at Thalasso de Deauville by Algotherm is a comfortably appointed space. It is a perfect spot for sunbathing.

Relaxation lounge

Release and relaxation

A relaxation area was specially designed to help you discover energy and vitality within yourself
Quiet and tranquillity set the tone for a mellow ambiance in the relaxation lounge. It is a place to recharge your batteries and continue reaping the benefits of your treatments at Thalasso de Deauville by Algotherm

What is in the relaxation lounge?

The relaxation lounge is furnished with deck chairs that carry you away on clouds of well-being and relaxation. A free-pour tea station also awaits you.

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