Detox & Slimming

Five-Day Detox Therapy


Effective relief with the five-day dteox program to free your body of the toxins built up over the seasons. Purified and reoxygenated, your body recovers its tone.

  • 20 treatments on 5 half-days
  • Hosting not included
  • Half-board not included

This program also exists with accommodation included in hotels from 3 to 5 stars. Contact us directly on 02 31 87 72 00, we will be happy to create your tailor-made cure with the accommodation of your choice.


Who will use this treatment?

In the case of a treatment offered in the form of a gift voucher, discounts and offers related to the reservation date are not applied.

The Five-Day Detox Therapy

Your thalasso treatments are spread over fixve half days

8 hydrotherapy treatments

7 specific treatments

5 sessions of Aquagym

The + : 1 wellness & balance assessment

Do you want to perzonnalize your Five-day Detox therapy ?

You may exchange one Aquagym session for a Jet Shower, a hydrojet, un hydromassage bath, or a a sea mud application. An extra 10 euros will be asked.

Included in your treatment program

During your therapy program, you will enjoy free, direct access to Deauville’s Olympic-sized swimming pool (depending on the days and hours it is open as set by the municipality), the La Thalasso pool (when water aerobics classes are not in session: see the schedule), the weight training and cardio room, the sauna, the hammam, the sun-drenched rooftop on nice days, and the relaxation room stocked with Deep Nature organic herbal teas.

The Bistrot des Planches: lunchtime refreshment and enjoyment

Step into the warm and friendly atmosphere of La Thalasso’s restaurant, featuring a tasty cuisine developed by our chef, with the day’s fresh ingredients. Traditional dishes, lighter options, salads, and vegetarian dishes are available, along with La Veggisserie desserts. A “Lunch & Thalasso” pairing combines the benefits of thalassotherapy and the bounty of the table.

Enjoy the benefits of sea water

Since the 19th century, we have known that sea water and the water in our bodies are very similar. The idea behind thalassotherapy is to transfer the active ingredients in sea water to the body to replenish what it needs. Sea water contains some sixty trace elements, including calcium, sodium chloride, cobalt, iron, magnesium, potassium, selenium, and zinc. These trace elements perform many functions, from regenerating muscle cells to oxygenating tissue, strengthening bones, and protecting against stress.