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Activités en salle


Muscle building

Body-Sculpt 45 mn

Muscle strengthening. All levels.
Objective: muscle toning Arms, bust and shoulders.

Buttocks, abs, thigh

Lower body muscle strengthening.
Goal : Sculpt the lower lower part of your body and tone The abdominal strap.

Body-Barres 45 mn

Group weight training course aimed at muscle rebalancing. Solicitation of all muscle groups.
Goal : Improved endurance and muscle definition.

Zumba 45 mn

Mixture of several Latin and international dances.
Goal : do Work every parts of the body Control breathing and improve endurance.

Body Tonic 45 mn

A mixture of cardio classes and muscle building.
Goal : Work every parts of the body.

Tonic classes

Sports Walk 2h00

Medium and fast paced walk, on courses of varied relief (flat, ribs and descents). A sports level is strongly advised.
Objective: To improve fitness.

Jogging 45 mn

Running at varying speeds according to the level of eachother.
Goal Improve cardiovascular function and weightloss.

Strap Training 45 mn

Practices avalable to all, Regardless of your age or physical condition. A suspension training system that allows you to work all the muscles and give a Spectacular result.

Boot Camp 1 h

Use of the natural environment for the practice of physical exercises modeled on those of the army. In a natural setting, one finds the taste of the effort and transcendence.

Soft gym classes

Stretching 30 mn ou 45 mn

Muscular stretching and mobilization that promote the relaxation of the body.
Goal : Acquiring a psychological relaxation, eliminating nervous tension due to stress and fatigue, Improve physical qualities (Flexibility and coordination).

Early morning wake up 25 mn

Soft, harmonious and holistic gymnastics combining reinforcements, relaxations and breaths. Learning of physical investments.
Goal : Restoring a taste for physical exercise. Maintenance of joint and muscular mobility, advised before the resumption of a more intense physical activity.

Pilates 45 mn

Soft method for deep muscles.
Goal : Improvement of body shape and mobility. Contributes to good body alignment for better posture.

Sophrology 60 mn

Method of relaxation and self-knowledge by integrating breathing through static and dynamic body exercises.
Goal : Physical and mental relaxation, stress management, sleep improvement.

Do In 60 mn

Method of relaxation and self-awareness Integrating static and dynamic body exercises.
Goal : Physical and mental relaxation, stress management, sleep improvement.

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