Relaxation & beauty



The complete and customised “signature” facial of La Thalasso Deauville by Algotherm, fine-tuned to the needs of your skin.

  • Treatment of 85 min
  • Hosting not included
  • Half-board not included

Who will use this treatment?

In the case of a treatment offered in the form of a gift voucher, discounts and offers related to the reservation date are not applied.

Our most comprehensive expert treatment to enhance your face

Developed with Algotherm products, this comprehensive treatment is totally personalised to your preferences and the needs of your skin. Options include a wrinkle treatment, a firming treatment, and a toning treatment. A combination of manual massage and accessories effectively targets the epidermis to prepare it to absorb the treatment products.

The steps involved in refreshing and brightening your face, making it appear more rested, include cleaning, exfoliating with a scrub or enzymatic exfoliant, toning with micellar water, applying a heat or smoothing mask, using an eye treatment, applying a serum, and moisturising.

As the mask sits, you will enjoy a hand massage for total relaxation.

Your hydrated, oxygenated, and purified epidermis breathes, your wrinkles fade, your face shape is redefined, and your skin is smooth and velvety.

The practitioner will give you a beauty prescription, listing the products used so that you can extend the effects of the treatment at home.

Seaweed and its concentrated active ingredients

Seaweed contains concentrated active ingredients from the sea, like trace elements, vitamins, and mineral salts. In fact, there are up to 100,000 times more of these ingredients in seaweed than in sea water!

Brown algae, also known as laminaria, is rich in trace elements, which account for up to ¼ of their weight. Each gram of this type of seaweed also provides 800 mg of calcium. A feast of benefits for your skin…

Extend your wellness!

During your half-day of treatment, you will enjoy free, direct access to Deauville’s Olympic-sized swimming pool (depending on the days and hours it is open as set by the municipality), the La Thalasso pool (when water aerobics classes are not in session: see the schedule), the weight training and cardio room, the sauna, the hammam, the sun-drenched rooftop on nice days, and the relaxation room stocked with Deep Nature organic herbal teas.