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Body treatment

Prepare the skin

For more efficiency, the skin must be properly prepared!

Sweat Gentle Marine Body Scub

Suitable for sensitive skin and / or dry skin
This exfoliating treatment rich in algae and exfoliating plant particles. It is the ideal care to make a new skin.

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Sweet and Salty body Scrub

Suitable for combination skin with oily tendency.
A subtle blend of salt crystals and exfoliating sugars combined with a soothing marine oil. This is the ideal treatment in a slimming program, wellness or remineralization.

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Detoxifying Sea Treatments with or without exfoliation

All skin type
Customizable, detoxifying marine treatments help rid the body of accumulated toxins. Perfecte before a cure of silhouette care or before marine care remineralizing, relaxation or vitality. 5 detoxifying marine treatments are proposed to you according to your objectives and your desires: slimness, firmness, lightness, vitality or relaxation.

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Algotherm offers remineralization care to provide to your body all the nutrients needed for its proper functioning.

Remineralizing treatment (including exfoliation) 75MN

Relaxation or Vitality

Thanks to a gentle, delicately perfumed gel wrap, your body can replenish and remineralize. The scents and softness of the products make this treatment a moment of relaxation and escape.

Depending on your desires, the practitioner will adapt the pressure and mix the wrap with a suitable complex to promote relaxation or fitness.

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25/5000 Light leg care 55mn

This treatment dedicated to the legs includes a manual circulatory modeling and a cryogenic spheres massage, as well as the installation of a cryogenic powder envelope associated with the complexity lightness. This treatment relaxes and instantly and legally relaxes the legs. It drains toxins, retentional water and improves circulation. Ideal for punctual or cure in combination with the care slimming and firmness to relieve the cellulite trapped in the water.

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