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Cures et soins vitalité


Do you dream of getting back into great shape?

Thanks to seawater, sea mud and seaweed lauded for their highly beneficial therapeutic virtues, your body and mind will be recharged with energy and vigour.

The vitality package encapsulates all the thalassotherapy treatments.

2-day vitality package with 8 treatments

  • 5 hydrotherapy treatments selected by Thalasso de Deauville by Algotherm from the following: hydro-massaging or whirlpool bath, jetted shower, hydro-jet, seaweed wrap, sea mud application.
  • 1 massage under seawater mist or 1 introductory essential oils massage or 1 relaxation massage—25 min
  • 2 aquatic fitness sessions
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5-day vitality package with 20 treatments

  • 12 hydrotherapy treatments selected by the thalassotherapy spa from the following: hydro-massaging or whirlpool bath, jetted shower, hydro-jet, seaweed wrap, sea mud application
  • 2 massages under seawater mist
  • 1 introductory essential oils massage or 1 relaxation massage—25 min
  • 5 aquatic fitness sessions

Tensions and daily stress are often the cause of back pain. A short stay in Thalasso will allow to combine relaxation, relief of the back pains and prevention.

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The cure Back Harmony 5 days

To prevent and relieve vertebral pain and periarticular pain (periarthritis, tendinitis), the Thalasso of Deauville by Algotherm offers you the Back Harmonie treatment. To regain suppleness and alleviate your pain, the Back Harmonie treatment has been conceived under medical supervision by our team of professionals.

  • 10 hydrotherapy treatments among: hydromassage or bubbling bath, hydrojet, application of mud, jet shower back harmony.
  • 1 pearl rain massage
  • 2 massages myotensif
  • 1 relaxing massage 25mn
  • 1 initiation massage with vegetable oils
  • 5 aquatic fitness sessions
  • For you, the plus of the Thalasso of Deauville by Algotherm: an osteo-articular consultation (which therefore concerns both the bones and joints)
See the Harmonie Cure


Algae is the source of inspiration for the Algotherm brand. Widely recognized for their slimming and firming efficiencies, we have developed a range of treatments dedicated to take care of your shape.

The Thalasso Deauville by Algotherm, accompanies you in your slimming approach

With the Cures of 5 half-days:

MEN'S AND WOMEN'S SLIM CURE : Genuine cure starter to reach your ideal weight, combining the benefits of thalassotherapy with the Algotherm method of thinness, for maximum effectiveness.

See slimming package

Cure 6 and 125 days

GRUMAN CURE : The Gruman method is based on a new concept: Integrative Diet which integrates solutions complementary to nutrition to target all causes of weight gain.

The method: Food Balance, Physical Balance, Wellness Balance.

The Thalasso Deauville by Algotherm has put at your service an expert team: Raphaël Gruman, dietician and nutritionist, and the thalasso team for fitness.

See our cure Gruman 6 days and See our cure Gruman 12 days

Find also our specific treatments:

Lymphatic Drain, 50 min

Manual massage involving light, even pressure.
Goal : regulate circulation and oedema.

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Cellu M6 Endermology, 25 min

Mechanical kneading-rolling massage. A preliminary diagnostic is made to define the parts of the body to be treated and determine the number of sessions.
Goal : directly attack cellulite and improve tissue texture.

See treatment

Manual Kneading-Rolling Massage, 25 or 50 min

The ultimate targeted, active technique to fight cellulite.
Goal : eliminate orange-peel skin.

See the 25 min treatment See the 25 min treatment

Slimming Treatment, 50 or 75 min

Comprehensive sequence including a relaxation phase, an exfoliation phase, an appropriate massage and a seaweed wrap
Goal : drain, detoxify, eliminate fatty tissue (deep cellulite). Eliminating fluids (water retention) shaves off centimetres.

See the 25 min treatment

Top Slimming Massage with Essential Oils, 50 min

In addition to its slimming effect, this massage will bring you to a state of deep relaxation. It stimulates circulation, improves skin's appearance and works deep down on cellulite through the combined action of manual techniques and slimming suction cups. This massage uses a blend of essential oils.
Goal : stimulate circulation, improve the appearance of the skin and work deep down on cellulite.

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