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Bistrot des Planches, a restaurant featuring fresh ingredients in Deauville

Backed by La Thalasso, Bistrot des Planches offers a healthy and delicious cuisine based on fresh, seasonal products, with a wide selection of light dishes, in a warm atmosphere.


Bistrot des planches Thalasso Deauvill

A friendly restaurant in Deauville

Boasting a bright atmosphere and wood tones punctuated with touches of colour, Bistrot des Planches is a restaurant in the same welcoming image as our spa. Local artists are regularly showcased through temporary exhibits that update the decor.

Fresh ingredients, “light” dishes

Designed by our chef who works on-site in the kitchen every day, the Bistrot des Planches prides itself on the day’s fresh ingredients and offers a variety of dishes, some of which are available as a “light” version. Who ever said that gourmet dishes can’t also be good for you? The menu also includes salads and vegetarian options for all tastes. For dessert, choose from a selection of delicious La Veggisserie vegan treats!

Open to everyone

It is not necessary to be a customer of La Thalasso to enjoy the dishes at Bistrot des Planches. However, we reserve a “Lunch & Thalasso” special package for visitors who would like to combine the benefits of thalassotherapy with good food.

Opening days

The restaurant Bistrot des Planches is closed en wednesday and thursday.