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Thalasso piscine

The seawater swimming pools

A salt water basin to hold the horizon.

Thalasso Deauville by Algotherm swimming pool

For a totally relaxing experience, let your body float in this seawater swimming pool heated to 32° C.

The pool at Thalasso de Deauville by Algotherm features A place of benefits. Apart from aquagym classes, it remains accessible and offers stimulation of all parts of the body, massage and total relaxation thanks to its benches, submarine jets and cobra blade.

Piscine eau de mer

Olympic lap pool

The Deauville Olympic-sized pool can be accessed directly from Thalasso de Deauville by Algotherm.

A 50-metre basin of seawater awaits you under a vaulted ceiling that radiates sunshine and light. The water in the Olympic pool is pumped from the ocean and heated to 28° C. The Olympic pool is ideal for swimming laps.

For practical information about the Deauville Olympic pool:

Seawater: a wealth of benefits

Seawater is the richest of all mineral waters : it mostly contains manganese, potassium and calcium. These minerals are absorbed through the skin to nourish your body.

The oligo-elements and minerals found in the sea boast untold wealth and improve our health and well-being. rnOligo-elements occur naturally in the body but in very low quantities; they activate an array of biochemical mechanisms involved in our digestive, muscle, circulatory and cerebral processes.

They are essential to ensuring our bodies function properly and stay in balance. Oligo-elements help us overcome fatigue and stress and battle illness, especially nasal ailments.

La piscine olympique de la ville de Deauville

Essential virtues of the sea

Swimming burns calories

To maintain its temperature at 37 degrees, the body uses its muscles to generate warmth and thus burns calories.

Sand, a natural exfoliant

Finely ground seashells combined with tiny grains make sand a powerful cleansing exfoliant for the skin.

The salt in seawater

Salt sloughs off dead cells and detoxifies your body. It also flushes out your sinuses.

Sea air, a natural stress buster

The air you breathe at the seaside is rich in negative ions and loaded with iodine. Negative ions infuse the human body with well-being and relaxation . They relieve ailments such as asthma, fatigue, depression and migraines.
As for iodine, it is simply indispensable to healthy thyroid gland function. It plays an important role in brain growth and development.

Seawater: a bit of history

In 1578, King Henry III bathed in Dieppe «to heal certain scabies which afflicted him.»

In 1778, the first French thalassotherapy institute opened in Dieppe. And in 1791, the first marine hospital opened to treat anaemia and infectious diseases.

The rate at which seaside spas opened picked up in 1847: Sète (1847), Le Croisic (1885), Berck (1861), Roscoff (1889).

The International Association of Thalassotherapy was founded in 1913.

The French Thalassotherapy Society was created in 1959.

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