Relaxation & beauty

Couple’s Massage


Share the feelings of a relaxing massage as a couple, in the same room.

  • Soin de  25 min
  • Hébergement non inclus
  • Demi-pension non incluse

Qui va utiliser ce soin ?

Dans le cas d'une offre, la date est libre et le prix est basé sur le prix de base du soin.

Relax as a couple

Lying side by side, experience deep, synchronised relaxation with the Deep Nature Signature massage. The practitioners coordinate their movements so that you feel the same feelings at the same time. For an even richer experience, try the VIP Couple’s Stopover, combining the Couple’s Massage, a couple’s body scrub, and a couple’s facial massage.

The price is for two persons.

Enjoy the benefits of sea water

Since the 19th century, we have known that sea water and the water in our bodies are very similar. The idea behind thalassotherapy is to transfer the active ingredients in sea water to the body to replenish what it needs. Sea water contains some sixty trace elements, including calcium, sodium chloride, cobalt, iron, magnesium, potassium, selenium, and zinc. These trace elements perform many functions, from regenerating muscle cells to oxygenating tissue, strengthening bones, and protecting against stress.