post cancer stopover
Antistress & sleep

Post-Cancer Stopover

1/2 day

The Post-Cancer visit helps treat cancer-related functional disorders and allows you a moment for release and healing. It is also a time for comfort to help you cope with the disease’s trauma, its complications, and its treatments.

  • 3 soins sur 1 half-day
  • Hébergement non inclus
  • Demi-pension non incluse

Qui va utiliser ce soin ?

Dans le cas d'une offre, la date est libre et le prix est basé sur le prix de base du soin.

A visit designed to instil calm for people in cancer remission.

Your Post-Cancer visit will begin with a discussion with the therapist, who will perform a gentle, careful, and precise anatomical palpation specific to oncology, looking particularly for sensitive areas. .

All techniques are carried out gently, listening to your needs and the bone response to reduce tensions related to the symptomatology.

Your Post-Cancer visit includes 3 treatments to choose among the followings

The Bistrot des Planches: lunchtime refreshment and enjoyment

Step into the warm and friendly atmosphere of La Thalasso’s restaurant, featuring a tasty cuisine developed by our chef, with the day’s fresh ingredients. Traditional dishes, lighter options, salads, and vegetarian dishes are available, along with La Veggisserie desserts. A “Lunch & Thalasso” pairing combines the benefits of thalassotherapy and the bounty of the table.