Vitality & energy

Whirlpool Bath


In a whirlpool bath in warm sea water at La Thalasso Deauville Algotherm, you can oxygenate your body and relax your muscles through the action of thousands of air bubbles.

  • Soin de  20 min
  • Hébergement non inclus
  • Demi-pension non incluse

Qui va utiliser ce soin ?

Dans le cas d'une offre, la date est libre et le prix est basé sur le prix de base du soin.

Air and water brought together for beneficial bubbles!

Once your are immersed,  essential oils will be added to the sea water and seaweed for a calming (orange), relaxing (lavender), stimulating (lemon, or slimming (mint and rosemary) effect.

Thousands of air bubbles gently massage your body, similar to a jacuzzi, for an experience that is both fun and relaxing.

The feeling of floating has a real effect on the body: muscle relaxation, absorption of active ingredients from the sea for drainage, and tissue oxygenation.

Lightness awaits at the end of the treatment.

Extend your wellness!

This treatment does not give you access to the center's facilities, however, for an extra 9€ (to be paid on site), during the half-day that you have your treatment, you will have access to the Thalasso's relaxation pool, the sauna, the sunny roof top on sunny days and the rest room. Towel and bathrobe are provided.

Enjoy the benefits of sea water

Since the 19th century, we have known that sea water and the water in our bodies are very similar. The idea behind thalassotherapy is to transfer the active ingredients in sea water to the body to replenish what it needs. Sea water contains some sixty trace elements, including calcium, sodium chloride, cobalt, iron, magnesium, potassium, selenium, and zinc. These trace elements perform many functions, from regenerating muscle cells to oxygenating tissue, strengthening bones, and protecting against stress.

Seaweed and its concentrated active ingredients

Seaweed contains concentrated active ingredients from the sea, like trace elements, vitamins, and mineral salts. In fact, there are up to 100,000 times more of these ingredients in seaweed than in sea water!

Brown algae, also known as laminaria, is rich in trace elements, which account for up to ¼ of their weight. Each gram of this type of seaweed also provides 800 mg of calcium. A feast of benefits for your skin…