Aquagym et Aquabike

Water Aerobics

Well-rounded and fun, water aerobics is very popular and has devoted fans! Your body is buoyed in sea water, making movements easier and protecting the joints. Thanks to water resistance, a session of water aerobics is up to three times more effective than a “land” workout. In addition to reshaping your figure and protecting against cellulite, water aerobics strengthens the muscles and improves circulation. Simply get in the water and listen to the rhythm of the upbeat music, and follow the instructions! Accessories (pool noodles, gloves) help create variety within the exercises. The session ends with well-deserved stretching.


Specifically targeting the lower body, aquabike is carried out using a bicycle immersed in the sea water pool. The exercises run together through music, at different rhythms, requiring more energy than when using a “traditional” bike. Over the course of the sessions, your cellulite fades and your legs become firmer. Your abdominal wall is toned. Also, your joints are protected thanks to the near-weightlessness of sea water.