Your Thalasso tailored cure

This website tries to make your choice easier by offering you "ready to use" spa treatments and stays in our Thalasso.

Rather in a vitality perspective or in a relaxation perspective: we have a solution. With the idea of staying 2 days on a Thalasso weekend or 5 days for a short week in Deauville: we also have a solution.

But it’s not everyone that fits in the boxes ... and that's good that way

Whether you have a very precise idea of the program of your treatment or on the contrary you have only a global idea of your desires but without going into details, our team is here to advise you.

For example, you may

… start a 5 days cure with 2 nights in a hotel then 3 nights in another hotel

… make a half / half program: starting with a vitality version, continuing with a relaxation version

… integrate Ayurvedic treatments every day

… add an osteo-aquatic consultation or a health and wellness consultation

… change one hotel to another on a cure with accommodation

… add a Thalasso day, a lunch with friends, a specific massage

… mix: 2-day detox program, 2-day Stress less program, 2-day sleep Therapy

… you can imagine your program, the list is not exhaustive

Our team is at your disposal to assist you in the composition of your Thalasso program and in the organization of your stay in Deauville.

Describe your stay here.

tailored cure