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My first massage (6 to 15 years old)


Let your children discover the benefits of massages! My First Massage is a wellness bracket to become aware of his body and spend a pleasant moment like dad and mom.

  • Soin de  25 min
  • Hébergement non inclus
  • Demi-pension non incluse

Qui va utiliser ce soin ?

Dans le cas d'une offre, la date est libre et le prix est basé sur le prix de base du soin.

My First Massage by Deep Nature was designed by professionals of well-being to let children discover the virtues of massages.

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It is adapted to the specificities of the childhood with a particular respect for its intimacy and a duration of 25 minutes allowing a complete relaxation without soliciting its attention for too long.

Concentrated on the back of the body, the massage, soft and light pressures will allow your child to feel the many virtues of massages. The practitioner will know how to reassure you child by speaking to him/her and will listen to the reactions of the body to adapt the rhythm and the pressure of the massage.

The benefits of massage are real and numerous: relaxation, improved quality of sleep, better concentration, calming, decreased impulsivity ... It is a moment of calm and exclusivity that allows your child to channel his emotions and relax in a world different from his everyday life.

Does not include thalasso access